If you are coming out of a relationship with a covert narcissist your head is probably spinning. Your body is exhausted. You are feeling a range of emotions like depression, fear, rage, anxiety, and utter confusion. This can feel like a very lonely time.

Friends and family are well meaning, but can’t completely understand what you are going through because they have not experienced what it is like to be with a covert narcissist. Most therapists have been briefly trained on what an overt narcissist is but have not been educated when it comes to covert narcissists. Going to a therapist or coach that doesn’t understand can be re-traumatizing and further your confusion and self-doubt.

I know what you are going through. I have been there. It is extraordinarily painful.

You may have been raised by a covert narcissist and have just recently discovered this. I so feel with you and know what this does to your self-worth. You have a special place in my heart.

I look forward to hearing your story and helping you see clearly and heal the scars that have built up over time.

Each coaching/healing session is 55 minutes in length and done over Zoom or on the phone, whichever you prefer.

Investment - $175 per session.

Lots of love to you dear one.

Know that you deserve love, kindness, and respect. You will get through this time, this experience, and you will come out with more love and strength inside yourself then may seem possible right now.

Cancellation Policy: Debbie Mirza is happy to reschedule your appointment, if something unavoidable and understandable comes up. Your money will not be refunded, as Debbie has many people on a waiting list and believes in being fair to others as well as herself.

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