The songs on Debbie’s CD, "Soul Rising” have a transcendent and healing quality about them that bring peace and reassurance. The lyrics and meditative angelic sounds soothe the soul as well as uplift and encourage the spirit.

Debbie’s CD, Soul Rising can be found on ITunes, Google Play, CD Baby, or Amazon.

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If you are feeling anxious, depressed, fearful, overwhelmed, or just want to feel more calm inside yourself, listening to this cd will help you feel tranquility and hope. You will feel safe and reassured that everything is going to be okay. The tracks will uplift you, encourage you, and remind you of truths about yourself and life that will help soothe your soul.

Some have a meditative feel to them and others feel empowering.

The transcendent words and music will help uplift and encourage you.

They are great to listen to when you are feeling contemplative, or times you just want to relax.

There are two discs. The first one has vocals and the second has the same songs, but are all instrumental. The instrumental tracks are great for relaxing, background music, office music, spas, and yoga classes. The vocal tracks are also great for yoga studios. Any healing environment will benefit from playing these songs.

You will feel loved and cherished as you listen to each song.

This unique collection of songs is healing and calming for the body and soul.