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About Debbie


Debbie is a coach and author who works with people coming out of covert narcissistic relationships.

She helps women and men heal from the trauma they have experienced and are often still experiencing from an ex-spouse, a parent, or a romantic partner.

These are confusing and crazy making relationships with no visible scars, but are equally destructive.

Many people who are coming out of these relationships experience low-level chronic depression, complex PTSD, anxiety, fear, confusion, and loneliness.

Debbie has experienced covert narcissists in her life. She gets it. Using her own knowledge and experience with healing trauma she is passionate about seeing others find freedom, love and clarity after years of subtle manipulation and psychological abuse.

She is a kind and empathetic presence that will truly understand what you are going through and how to help you come back to wholeness.

As a coach she works with people individually and also facilitates support groups in Denver and sometimes Boulder, Colorado.

With Debbie you will be heard, understood, loved, and strengthened. You will be guided through a process that will help you see the truth of the relationship you were in and develop a strong sense of self.

She has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of covert narcissism as well as a compassionate heart that cares about yours tremendously.
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